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The best testimonials:

Here is what we suggest: send us your street name and  zip code and we will send you contact information for some of your neighbors who already have and enjoy our fans. We do not pre-screen any names, only exclude those customers who do not want their phone numbers shared.  Call these folks and ask them whatever questions are on your mind and you'll get direct, honest, real world answers.

In the meanwhile, for those who enjoy reading testimonials here are a few. 

"A cool breeze is like a virgin's kiss"  ancient Arab proverb

"I yearn for a cool wind to chill my soul"  Edgar Allen Poe

"Let me compare thee to a summer's breeze"  Shakespeare

"'Tis a chill wind that blows no ill"  Anon

"I should have done this years ago."

"You should be proud of your installers. They were courteous and professional and cleaned everything up when they were done."

"I'd be happy to refer your company to anyone."

"It's a pleasure to work with people who really care about their product and workmanship."

"Frankly, I was skeptical that the fan would work as well as you claimed it would. Much to my surprise it works even better!”

Your technician installed my whole house fan this past Saturday morning.  He arrived before 10 AM as promised.  The inspection and installation of vents, fan, shutter, and timer, went so smoothly that I hardly would have known he was here.  He was done in just about 4 hours.  The results have been wonderful and I want to commend him and your company for fulfilling my expectations.  Thank you very much and I would be happy to recommend your company.

Janice July, 2014

Just wanted to let you know we have had our attic fan for over 7 years, and love it!  We use it to air out the house when the weather is warm enough (no mater what season), and it not only makes the whole house smell fresh, but get rid of all those horrible cold/flue germs.  It also make sleeping wonderful on those hot summer evening nights!  We use it much more than our
AC unit.
K.C. and Donna S (Feb 2011)

"I have to say after seeing what has been done and the quality of product I will be referring you to others." RC (May 2011)

Please share this as from Laura:
"We had a fan installed almost 6 years ago after sweating through the first August and September in our 2-story, brick Victorian. With a little bit of attention and effort to running the fan and opening and closing the windows at the right time of day, we stay comfortable for pennies." (April 2011)

Thanks to your guy for coming out late last evening to install the fan.  You were correct; we love it.  Take care...
 Bill (June 2011)

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my attic fan!!  I

had one in Il and now here in Colorado.  It cools off your house so quick and there is no need for air conditioning which I have but know I no longer will be using.  

Your staff is great and the installer I had was Nate and he
was extemely wonderful.  Quick, neat and cleaned up all his dust etc.  I was very worried at first as I have a popcorn ceiling and didn't want it ruined.
He assured me it would not be and he was right.  Thank you

Linda K. (June 2011)

To the great people at,

Thank you for a wonderful customer service experience. My wife cut out a coupon for $50 off an attic fan from you; I then got on to your website and found an abundance of information. I was able to get all the information that I needed from your website including the size fan needed, and the expected price. 

I was also able to chat with someone live to answer a few
questions that I had. 

Your installer treated us with incredible respect and explained everything from how he was going to wire the fan to how he was planning on getting around possible wires in the way in the attic, the noise and mess that was going to be created. He worked
around our children and treated them with respect. He also cleaned up his mess and left our house looking the way it did when he arrived. I show off my attic fan and tell everyone how satisfied I am with your company.

Prior to your arrival, I performed more research and got estimates from other companies. I found that everything you state on your website to be correct and your prices to be fair. I had one company give me an estimate lower than yours, but after questioning them they were not going to install a very quiet fan. When they offered to install a quit fan, the price came out higher than your price.

Now that the weather is getting hot. We are really enjoying the fan. The house cools down fast. When the fan is on low, we can’t even hear it running from the main floor. We do not have an air conditioner in the house and the fan is the only method we have to cool the house. So far we have no regrets.

Brian (July 2011)

We had Seymour put an attic fan in our 1955 Englewood brick ranch home about
7 years ago and could not be happier. We have since had central air
installed but we still use the attic fan almost daily in the warmer months.
It has helped us keep the air conditioner off especially on summer evenings
when the fan does a great job on cooling the house. Another great feature is
when cooking indoors, the fan clears the house of odors in just minutes.
Jim  (July 2011)

I recently moved to a new house with a cheap, loud & ineffective whole house attic fan.  I knew after I bought the house that one of the first improvements I'd make would be a new whole house attic fan from Weatherseal (now  That's because I bought one from them 21 years ago for my first house and it was one of the best improvements I ever made to that house.  And it was still working great after 21 years!  I can hardly wait to
have a new attic fan installed in the new house.

Greg C. (August 2011)

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